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South Ivan Human Heads: Bearded River God

Morehshin Allahyari
South Ivan Human Heads: Bearded River God

(2017) 3D Printed Sandstone, 'Dead Drop' Files and Electronic Components. Courtesy of Upfor Gallery.

LaTurbo Avedon

(2015) Single-channel Video with Audio. Duration: 03:18. Courtesy of TRANSFER Gallery. Watch on Vimeo.

Snow Yunxue Fu

(2017)Moving Image Installation with Audio. Duration: 06:08. Watch on Vimeo.

Ryan Kuo
Family Maker

(2017-Ongoing) MAC OS X Application (Digital edition of 88 on Left Gallery) Download on

Eva and Franco Mattes
No Fun

(2010) Online Performance, Single-channel Video with Audio, Edition of 3. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery.

Michael Mandiberg
Print Wikipedia

(2015) Printed, bound editions. Courtesy of Denny Dimin Gallery.

Rafaël Rozendaal

(2004) Website, View Online. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery.

Tabita Rezaire
Premium Connect

(2017) Single-channel moving image with audio, Duration: 13:00. Watch on Vimeo.

Jakob Kudsk Steensen

(2017) Roomscale Virtual Reality Artwork. Watch on Vimeo.

Steina Vasulka

(2000) Digital video, color, sound. Duration: 04:13. Courtesy of Berg Contemporary.

Clement Valla
Postcards from Google Earth

(2010 – ongoing) Web-based algorithmic artwork. Image courtesy of the artist.